Kat is an illustrator who lives and works between Tunis and Brussels. She trained at the Beaux-Arts of Grenoble and Brussels, where she asserted her line between the figurative and the abstract. Her interest in societal subjects (women’s rights, environment, justice, etc.) inspires the majority of her illustrative work.

Today, her stays in both Belgium and Tunisia provide her with the inspiration she needs to sketch everyday life and its details, and thus put singular lifestyles into perspective.
As borders are becoming less and less permeable, she hopes to create bridges between cultures in order to awaken awareness of the different existing daily lives.

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Collective Exhibitions
Maison des Femmes/Het Huis van de Vrouw, « Jdoud: nos grands-parents », October-November 2022, Brussels
Cultural Center Bruegel, « Jdoud: nos grands-parents », March-April 2022, Brussels
Institut Français de Tunisie, « Kitab Lab », October 2021, Tunis

Solo Exhibitions
Café Boudin & Boentje Café, « Rituels », November-December 2022, Brussels
Galery Fahrenheit 451, November 2020, Tunis
EKCCI Shop, September 2019, Tunis

House of Human Rights, 2022, Brussels
La Bière des Docks, 2020, Biarritz
Doken Restaurant, 2019, Tunis
Vélorution, 2019, Tunis
EKCCI, 2019, Tunis
JORAN Cidrothèque, 2019, Brussels